Improv Class

Come learn about one of the oldest forms of acting - Improvisation!!!  What started as Comedia Del Arte has evolved into a style of performance known world wide.  The Second City, Whose Line is it Anyway, Saturday Night Live - all stem from Improv.  This class will teach the beginning rules and guidelines to improvisational comedy.  Learning and mastering this technique will help in all forms of performance, because you never know what could happen on stage and everyone knows:  The Show Must Go On!

Who is this for?  

Students interested in developing their acting skills ages 12-16


January 28th -  Improv Basics/Rules - What do THEY think it is?

February 4th - Building characters YOU create

February 11th - Establishing the environment

February 25th -  Developing a Plot

March 4th -  Performance - putting it all together

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Where - Wings Dance Studio - 850 N. State Street, Lockport

Cost = $50 per student

Visit: to register

This class is limited to the first 15 registrants

Instructor:  Shawn Connors has a theatre degree from EIU and spent a large portion of time there performing in and developing Improv Troupe that still exists at the college today.  After graduating, Shawn worked in Improv for a couple years and completed the Second City Conservatory program in Chicago.  Over the years Shawn has taught various workshops to kids at other theatre camps and would love to add this level of performance to LHYT.